on going photo book project

France, 2018-

So Cute 

So Quiet

photobook / 17 pages

bw / film

Taipei, Taiwan, 2014

“So Cute So Quiet” is a new documentary photography set which talks about the cliché subject “The Zoo”.


In my opinion, I think the mainly but the secretly reason why the zoo can exist for so long no matter the people are agree or disagree, that is the solution of “LONELY”. 


People who live in the big modern city are always so nervous, competitive, exhausted that make them so desire for the adorable, peaceful, innocent objects to help them escape from the urban world to the imaginary natural world —the zoo.

That’s why the chosen animals in the zoo are all definitely have the cute faces or the tame shapes, because they are not only the image of nature world but also the great consolations to all the ages of human visitors.


All the photos were photographed in Taipei Zoo in entire 2014. I heard “So Cute” from the visitors all day while I was taking the photos, and I feel “So Quiet” while there was no one but me and the animals. This set is the third series of my works to talk about the relationship between the human beings and the animals who live together in the urban city. 

I have been to the ancient city-- Leiden in Netherlands once, and the most impressive experience for me is its cannels and trees, which provide a comfortable niche to many water birds, crows and pigeons. 


I always observe birds while I was walking down the street. I also discover that the Leiden residents seems to take care of the birds, however, sometimes they compete with them ,or just forget about the birds’ existence. So I want to concentrate documenting these relationship.

 I use 80 days in Leiden to document the relationship between birds and human beings.

And through the films, I found the birds can live in urban safely, they don’t need be fed, because they can pick the trash to eat.

People maybe like these neighbor by sitting near the cannel, sharing the peace of moment , however, sometimes they just hate the birds by covering their ears while birds shrieking. 


Anyway, people and birds are equally to live in the same space, they won’t kill each other, instead, they calm over every day and raise the next generation.


It’s a New Born Ecological story in urban nowadays. I think every city have its own new relationship between the representative animal and human beings.


in Leiden

photobook / 30 pages

bw / film

Leiden, the Netherlands, 2012


of Moving

photobook / 100 pages

color / digital

Taipei, Taiwan, 2010

The concept of Moving, in this work, means the movement of animals and plants which are made by human beings, instead of the free will of the moved objects. 


In other words, the movement is caused by people’s activities and demands. After the movement in various scales, a new and obscure order is formed. These newly-formed visions then act as the evidences of artificial movement"

Traces of Moving" is a photo album which describes the urban plants.  There are 6 themes (“MOVE”, “BORDER”, “ROAD”, “PET”, “MIX”, “NATURE”) to present the plants in the modern society.


It was my Graduation Work for the Master Degree. I came up with a concept “Moving” to discuss the Ecological Modernism in Taipei in Taiwan. I spent one year to observe the plant traces of moving to done this project. It contains one photo album and one thesis. 

Sweet Visit

a set of 4 photos

color / digital

Taipei, Taiwan, 2009


That Day 

We Draw Together

an ongoing video project

France and Taiwan, 2018-

looking forward to walking into the places you care

draw and discuss the images in between us

and also in between human and nature 


a banana farm, Garachico, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

a submarine ruin, île de Groix, France

a remediation stone beach, Cayeux sur mer, France

a rail ruin, Paris, France a garden of castle, Chamarande, France

a lake of castle, Bois de Vincennes, Paris. France

a bridge connecting two mountains, Taipei, Taiwan

a canal, Luodong, Yilan, Taiwan

an aircraft channel, Chevreuse regional park, France

many high voltage towers to the other town, Nanao, Yilan, Taiwan

a lake from a ruin of nuclear energy factory, Arjuzanx, France

a department store from a ruin of cigarette factory, Taipei, Taiwan

a border of two nations, ALPS, Méry, France



un instant in Paris

an ongoing serie video poem project

Paris, France, 2019-




oil painting,

a set of 4, from my bw photos

Leiden, the Netherlands, 2013



oil painting, a set of 2 paintings

copy from Chaim Soutine's works

Taipei, Taiwan, 2014


Up and Down

  APP on iPad, free download now!

* Interactive Picturebook with original story

* Articles about oceanology

* Whale-Watching Film

Hualien and Taipei, Taiwan, 2014


This app is designed for children to read with parents or by themselves. Let’s get into “Up and Down”, say hi to Sperm-Whale, and explore the world from land to sea.

** About the story

There is a girl living by the seaside on the 3rd floor, who met a Sperm-Whale lives on the 3rd floor, downstairs in the sea.And it is the beginning of whole amazing “Up and Down” adventure!Limi is the daughter of a marine ecology scholar. She grew up in a small harbor.


This summer, she boarded on a research boat with her mom. At night, Limi heard some strange sounds from the sea. She followed the voice, and found there’s a huge shadow slid beneath the boat. Suddenly, a giant bubble erupted from the water, “BOMPSSSS!” Limi bumped into a huge Sperm-Whale!

** APP Features ** 
Interactive original picturebook: 30 pages with interesting interactive design and original music, making the story fun and vivid, so just enjoy e-reading and explore the amazing ocean world.

Articles about Oceanology: Four articles about ocean knowledge with pictures and photos, including “On which floor does the Sperm-Whale live?” “The scariest thing in the ocean: Ghost Net”, “What do Cetacean researchers do?”, and “Let’s go Whale-Watching in Taiwan.” Let readers understand all background about “Up and Down.”

Whale-Watching Film: Watch the Live Film to visit Stone Harbor, which is actually a small harbor named ShiTi in Hualien, Taiwan. Imagine you swimming with whales and dolphins in this beautiful sea. Can you find out where the Sperm-Whale is?