European Nature Film Festivals 10+1 Book Project

author :  JOYUN LEE


The goats and their shepherd walk along Száva River, follow the traces of grass. They across the Carpathian Mountains, singing each traditional songs in the open highlands, starting from the Hungarian language, and then, in Serbian, Slovak, Russian, and Romanian. How wide a land where one river flows through, how many habitats of languages co-exist. The grass and the goats do not speak, who are standing at the national border. Just like all the ordinary civilians in this kingdom of Nature.

Inspired by a Hungarian nature film 

“Pastorale”, directed by Sáfrány József, 

Cutural Values Award 2017 of Gödöllő Nature Film Festival in Hungary

Europe, the definition of geography, is a land more than 10 million square kilometers. It spans Temperate and Frigid Zones. There are warm oceans in the southwest, steep mountains in the east, and freezing ice in the north. But the definition of humanity, time separates history and politics distinguishes national boundaries. In the 21st century, Europe has more than 50 countries. They use different considerations in the same mountains, oceans, and Rivers.

No passport needed for a goat in Carpathian Basin

No passport needed for a whale in Atlantic Ocean

No passport needed for a wolf in ALPS


Through visiting 10+1 European Nature Film Festivals

​Let we redefine the stories between human and nature




Film Festivals


three years



three episodes



1 GreenScreen @Germany
Finding Funding? Germany Public TVs are waiting for you
2 Ménigoute @France
Cradle to Cradle! Holding by a French Nature Film Master School
3 Sondrio @Italy
the One the Only! Nature Park Film Festival in Italy
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Classic Nature Film


4 Gödöllő @Hungary
East Europe Power is gathering! Hungarian said that so
5 SEFF @Croatia
Young and Beautiful! Cycling on the border of breaking heart in Croatia
7 GreenFest @Serbia
Fighting the conscious! Cultivating the Green Culture in Serbia
10 Fjellfilm @Norway
Don't forget your sleeping bag! Let's watch the movies in the mountains
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Rising Star


6 CineMareKiel @BalticSea
Indie but Rich! Observe the relationship between human and Ocean in Germany
8 FICMEC @AtlanicOcean
Artistic and Sharp! How innocent to be an island isolated but popular.
9 Pelicam @BlackSea
When we are around Black Sea! A nature conservation area in Romania
11 Yilan @PacificOcean
TAIWAN! My hometown my hyper-biodiversity island in Asia
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From the Sea